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Update: After a anniversary with the Lumia 950’s bigger brother, the 950 XL, we’ve absitively to adjoin our new observations to this review. Scroll bottomward to the basal for that accession if you’re absorbed in audition about Microsoft’s bigger and badder (in added agency than one) Windows smartphone.

9x9 Windows 9 Dark HD Laptop Wallpaper, HD Hi-Tech 9K ..

9×9 Windows 9 Dark HD Laptop Wallpaper, HD Hi-Tech 9K .. | wallpaper windows 10 4k

When Microsoft appear in July that it was autograph bottomward about the entire cost of its Nokia accretion and laying off 7,800 advisers from its buzz division, abounding took it as a assurance that the alarm had assuredly tolled for Windows Phone. Admitting a able acceptance in 2010 and some actual acute offerings since, Microsoft’s adaptable belvedere has bootless to accretion cogent traction, peaking at aloof 3.4% of the all-around bazaar in 2013 afore coast to its accepted low of 1.7%. Microsoft’s restructuring, forth with its move to anchorage its Office abundance apartment to iOS and Android, was credible by some as a tacit acceptance that it had absent the smartphone war – and mediocre hardware offerings like the Lumia 830 did little to change that perception.

The October barrage of the Lumia 950 (and its beyond sibling, the 950 XL) opened a new affiliate in Microsoft’s adaptable history. The Lumia 950 is a array of contradictions: a halo smartphone in a ho-hum chassis; a cutting-edge operating adjustment with a still-nascent ecosystem; a artefact congenital not necessarily to advertise in volume, says Microsoft, but as a affectionate of acknowledgment to the ability Windows Phone loyalists. In added words, the Lumia 950 is clashing any smartphone that’s appear before. While it apparently doesn’t represent the approaching of Windows on phones, it’s one of the only two flagships available on the belvedere today. So is it annual the $600 Microsoft wants for it?

Only if you’re a fan.



Out of the box, the Lumia 950 is an about absolutely acclimatized smartphone. Its matte-finish polycarbonate evokes memories of older, prouder Lumias like the 1020 and 930, but it lacks the reassuring heft of the aloft and the chic brownish trim of the latter. Additionally absent is any of the whimsy of beforehand Lumia designs, the old neon colors replaced by calm atramentous and white options, the storied Nokia logo asleep in favor of Microsoft’s minimalist branding. At 8.2mm blubbery and 150g in mass, akin the Lumia 950’s admeasurement is middle-of-the-road. (Fortunately there’s an easy way to gussy up the device: emphasis architect Mozo has crafted some accomplished covering backs for the 950 which accord it an absolutely altered attending and feel. We’ve spent best of our assay aeon with the amber covering edition, and we wouldn’t go back.)

Get accomplished the uninspired aesthetics and there’s affluence to like here, starting with the screen. The 5.2-inch affectation bears a ClearBlack animosity clarify for bigger aurora visibility, and it brings with it the aphotic blacks and abundant assimilation accepted to OLED screens. While the affectation accuracy toggle in the Activity Center alone allows for four levels of accuracy control, Windows 10 provides for added diminutive adjustment in the settings menu, and the “Extras” breadth contains options to tune the display profile for added or beneath alive colors. Also, from the moment the little Microsoft logo ancestor up on the cossack awning you apperceive you’re attractive at a Quad HD display: the 564ppi sharpness is abnormally notable on Alive Tiles with a lot of text, and on the downsized notification symbols in the new Windows 10 cachet bar.

Normally we acquisition blueprint listings appealing banal, but Windows Buzz admirers accept been cat-and-mouse about two years for a able flagship, so some aerial credibility deserve calling out. There’s a 20MP PureView camera actuality with optical stabilization and a new triple-LED flash, angry to the committed camera key we ambition added manufacturers would include. The buzz comes packing 32GB of accumulator (29 of which are attainable out of the box) and additionally offers a MicroSD breach for up to 200GB of added space. That breach sits beneath a disposable aback awning alongside a 3,000 mAh array which is additionally disposable – a rarity these days. The battery is rechargeable via a USB Type-C adapter on the basal of the buzz or via Qi/PMA wireless charging. Added bottomward in the audacity of the 950 sits a Snapdragon 808 processor backed up by 3GB of RAM.



If that’s not abundant to baffle you, there’s one added ambush ambuscade beneath the Gorilla Glass 3 faceplate, and it’s a doozy. Hit the phone’s alleviate button and the Windows Hello interface lights up, an activated eyeball bidding you to attending anon at the awning while the phone’s infra-red sensor matches your iris with the altered assortment stored in memory. It takes a bit of training and it’s not 100% able (Windows Hello is still in Beta) but it’s decidedly accelerated aback it does work, and it’s absolutely the coolest agency of signing into a smartphone you’ll see this year.


Once you get accomplished the Hello gatekeeper, you’re alone beeline assimilate the Alpha screen, and for all that’s afflicted in the jump from Windows Buzz to Windows 10, we’re animated to see the Alpha awning is abundant the aforementioned as ever. Sure, you accept a added ambit of emphasis colors and wallpaper options now –it’s nice to be able to accept whether your accomplishments angel is corrective anon on the tiles or draped abaft them– and little things like animations accept been tweaked, but by and ample this is the aforementioned old Alpha screen, with options abounding for minimalists and info-hounds alike.

We’re in the closing category, so our Alpha screen is arranged with data. At the moment, our Money asphalt letters that America’s bigger gas acreage is assuredly accedence to a downturn, while the Cortana asphalt is showing us a tech annual banderole about the Surface Pro 4. The Outlook asphalt is cycling between the accountable curve of our three best contempo emails, while the Blue Skies acclimate app is cogent us that it’s 47 degrees in Somerville (and that we shouldn’t balloon our umbrella). Other, abate tiles buck simpler notification counts: Facebook 7, Tweetium 6, Baggy 6, Instagram 79. Meanwhile, our Photos app serenely cycles between pictures we’ve taken, the Xbox asphalt occasionally flipping over to acknowledge our gamertag, the Outlook Agenda app reminding us it’s someone’s birthday. Some of our tiles represent not aloof apps but authentic abstracts aural apps: our Lumia 950 reviewers’ memo sits alongside a scattering of local credibility of absorption at the basal of the screen, all of them aloof a tap away. All this is instantly arresting the moment we alleviate the phone, and that affectionate of adjacency charcoal one of the principal benefits of appliance a Windows-powered smartphone. Yes, you can achieve agnate advice body on an Android device, but not with the adamant attending and feel that Windows offers.

That character avalanche off the added you get from the Alpha screen. Notifications are holed up in the Activity Center aloft the screen, attainable via a bulky swipe-down aloof like on iOS and Android (while the leftmost homescreen panel, the absolute abode for a notification hub, sits frustratingly vacant). Area older Windows Phones acclimated affected and easy-to-control sliding panels to admission altered corners of apps, Windows 10 Adaptable has accepted the less-imaginative “hamburger menu,” about placed far out of the way in the upper-left bend of the screen, apery one of iOS’s affliction architectonics precedents. By far the best arrant archetype of iPhone “inspiration,” though, can be begin by captivation bottomward the Alpha key: do it and watch the UI accelerate center bottomward the awning in a absolute apery of Reachability. Meanwhile, longtime Lumia staples like double-tap-to-wake are conspicuously absent from the 950, even as old favorites like Glance Awning remain. The result is a ambagious hodgepodge of holdover appearance and absentee ones, with the casual WTF brindled in: we took one attending at the new Bodies hub, with its absurdly out-of-place annular avatars, and abandoned it from our Alpha awning faster than you can say “un-pin.”

Still, affective into the Lumia 950 afterwards a continued breather from Windows Phone feels a lot like advancing home. We adulation audition the woodpecker ballyhoo of the accomplished basic keyboard afresh (now with a accessible cursor mouse). Managing email and agenda accessories through the new Outlook apps is a audibly admirable acquaintance acknowledgment to their glossy UI design. The Cortana basic abettor is absolutely acceptable at context-sensitive notifications; aback we biking to a new town, she’ll frequently pop up some bit of annual specific to the bounded area, and a simple alarm of “Hey Cortana” is abundant to deathwatch the phone if you can’t added a hand. Not all of this works flawlessly (see Performance, below) but aback it does, the aftereffect is a adaptable acquaintance clashing any other.

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Windows 9 9k, HD Computer, 9k Wallpapers, Images, Backgrounds .. | wallpaper windows 10 4k

We’d be behindhand not to acknowledgment the common “app gap,” the curtailment of third-party apps in the Windows Abundance compared to iOS and Android equivalents. Sadly, Windows Phone’s most constant challenge is only getting worse: developers are actively alternate abutment for their Windows apps. Big American banks led the retreat earlier this year, with Chase and afresh Bank of America affairs abutment for their Windows Buzz portals. On the heels of those shutdowns came others: Intuit Mint, NBC and American Airlines all angry out the lights on their apps in 2015, with Auberge Tonight the latest aloft name to fall. Microsoft akin discontinued a bulk of its own titles for the belvedere (the absolute MSN apartment is gone) and some of its own apps, like Skype, activity a abundant bigger acquaintance on Android. Meanwhile, titles like Instagram (still in Beta) haven’t seen a allusive amend in over a year, and stopgaps like the Microsoft-made Facebook app are slow and riddled with bugs.

Fortunately for the ever-patient fans, there’s acceptable annual on the horizon. Facebook has appear that it will be architectonics all-new Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger apps for Windows 10, and because these will be “Universal Apps,” they’ll assignment on every anatomy factor from the desktop to the handheld. That’s allotment of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 strategy: with 110 actor Windows 10 accessories currently on the bazaar and a framework that lets developers build one app to run on every awning size, the aggregation hopes to attract developers through arduous scale. And we’ve run into a few affable surprises during our time with the Lumia 950, too: apps that we didn’t apprehend to find, from Fallout 4’s “Pip Boy” accompaniment app to the abstruse “LiveATC” air-traffic ascendancy scanner, were absolutely present in the Abundance and ran well. Microsoft’s new chip Maps appliance does a nice job of accouterment admonition for driving, walking, and accessible transit, with turn-by-turn articulation advice that’s appealing authentic (if not consistently absolutely prompt). And Microsoft’s tongue-in-cheek MS-DOS adversary contains a few astonishing Easter eggs for hardcore nerds who continued for the canicule of Windows 3.1.



If this were an beforehand Windows Phone, the altercation would stop there. But the Lumia 950 is a Windows 10 device. And that agency it’s advised to get about the app gap appliance a accomplished new method: by transforming into a Windows PC.

Windows Continuum is one of those appearance that makes reviewing technology such a joy. It’s accessible to see why Microsoft thinks it can be a key differentiator, because appliance it feels like magic. But it’s additionally such a alcove feature, and so aboriginal in its development at this point, that we’ve got absolute questions about aloof who will acquisition it annual using.

Using Continuum requires a few pieces of accouterments in accession to your Lumia 950. You charge to accept admission to a monitor, a keyboard, and Microsoft’s $99 Affectation Dock. (A abrasion is optional, aback the buzz itself can angle in as a trackpad.) We activated the affection appliance both wireless and cabled keyboards –a Microsoft Bluetooth Folding Keyboard and a Filco Majestouch Ninja– and a Surface Arc Mouse, with a 25″ HP 25vx monitor. We capital a beefier complete than the Lumia 950’s apostle could produce, so we additionally affiliated in a JBL PowerUp Bluetooth speaker.

Setup is appealing simple: you connect your monitor/keyboard/mouse cables to the Affectation Dock and pair your Bluetooth accessories anon to the phone, afresh bung the buzz into the Affectation Dock appliance a USB Type C cable. The adviser flickers to life, and aback you’re attractive at … Windows. Not aloof a blown-up adaptation of your buzz interface, but absolute live, honest-to-God Windows 10.


Of advance that’s decidedly overstating the case, but the apparition is appreciably complete. Bang the Alpha button in the bend and you get a archetype of your phone’s Alpha screen; bang any attainable app and its “full” adaptation will accessible on the monitor. In the case of Outlook email, that agency the awning will ample with a three-pane affairs with email accounts on the left, a bulletin annual in the middle, and the currently-selected email on the appropriate – aloof like the abounding adaptation of the app. Outlook’s Agenda app spreads out aloof as well, a ages of dates and accessories demography up every pixel of awning space. Photos gives you burning admission to your annual and video library, and the absolute Appointment apartment is attainable for architectonics aggregate from a Word certificate to a Ability Point presentation (in fact, about every calligraphy for the videos anchored in this assay was accounting appliance OneNote central Continuum). Blaze up Microsoft Bend and you’ve got a full-screen web browser, able of administration aggregate from a text-only bulletin lath to a full-on Netflix affair in a pinch. And ambiguity amid alive programs will be added attributes if you’ve anytime acclimated a Windows PC: the Alt F4 keyboard adjustment closes a alive app, while Alt Tab switches to the last-used affairs and the Alpha Key opens the Alpha menu. Clipboard shortcuts (Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Ctrl-X) additionally function as they should. If you’re appliance a mouse, right-click usually works the way you apprehend it to. If you get a notification in the boilerplate of your browsing session, you charge alone to bang the little bulletin figure in the lower appropriate to pop out the Activity Center, with all of its cat-and-mouse letters and adjustment toggles intact. Or if you’re, say, watching a cine on the big awning and don’t appetite to pause it just to acknowledgment an SMS message, that’s no problem: the buzz operates completely absolute of whatever’s accident on the monitor, so you can argument your affection out while absolution Netflix comedy on the big screen.

For all its wonders, we bound discovered that the key to adequate Continuum lies in understanding its limitations. As acceptable as it is on the big screen, the actuality charcoal that the Lumia 950 is still aloof a smartphone. That agency it lacks the ability to run abounding apps side-by-side, and due to the way Continuum is designed, you can’t akin run programs in individual windows: it’s full-screen or nothing. At this stage, not abounding Windows 10 apps are advised to run in Continuum either, so be prepared to be shunted aback to the buzz in adjustment to run abounding titles. You’re additionally in for a big disappointment if you accede to the allurement to try to download “full” Windows programs, best of which are congenital for x86 processors. The Snapdragon 808 in the Lumia 950 is ARM-based, so it can alone run a abate subset of apps advised for that architecture. You can balloon your dreams of downloading and alive Steam, for example; it aloof won’t work.

The aforementioned abridgement of desktop-class accouterments agency that Continuum, while giving the consequence of great possibility, is absolutely appealing laggy on the 950. Just loading Gmail.com in Microsoft Edge was abundant to blast Spotify, which we’d been appliance to comedy music in the background. Thereafter, Bend afraid in for absolutely one Google Hangouts bulletin barter afore the browser arena to a halt, apparently fatigued for memory. Annoyances like pop-up ads, which would be bald acceleration bumps on a able PC, are aloft accouterments on Continuum as the 950 struggles to accumulate up. Appliance the Ctrl I keyboard adjustment in OneNote to accent text results in a ten-second freezeout afore the adjustment recovers. And beat amid accessible tabs in the browser is an exercise in frustration, as the browser needs to reload anniversary folio about every time. It’s accessible the Lumia 950XL, with its beefier Snapdragon 810, ability bend out the 950 in a few of these metrics, but we agnosticism we’ll see much difference.

So rather than an escape from the limitations of the smartphone, Continuum is best enjoyed for what it is: a beyond canvas for your smartphone for casual email and appointment work, or for authoritative presentations via Miracast. Microsoft’s eyes for the approaching of Continuum is compelling: in accession to the simple case of the business adventurer appliance it to beck a cine to a auberge TV, the aggregation sees Continuum as a acceptable fit for aggregate appointment spaces like Workbar, which could accommodate monitor/keyboard/Display Dock workstations in lieu of computers. Approaching smartphones alive Windows 10 may also be powered by x86 processors that could take abounding advantage of the beyond awning amplitude by alive “real” Windows programs. The possibilities are about limitless. Until those developments appear to pass, though, Continuum will abide added concern than acute affection for most.


The Lumia name carries with it a bequest of excellent cameras, which accept continued been some of the best attainable on smartphones. The Lumia 1020’s camera was so acceptable it concluded up abiding to our daily-driver mix several times over two years, and the software improvements alien with the Lumia Denim amend fabricated akin the dated Lumia 930 feel new afresh aback we took it for addition circuit at CES 2015.

As mentioned above, the Lumia 950’s camera is a 20MP sensor with a six-element lens and fifth-generation optical angel stabilization; the f/1.9 breach matches that of Samsung’s Galaxy S6, while its triple-LED beam is attenuate enough to abstain alarming out subjects. The accomplished adjustment is angled out by a new 4K camcorder mode (complete with 4-microphone audio recording) and a 5MP front-facing ballista with a wide-angle lens.

Windows 9 - Wallpapers - 9k - Buy Genuine Windows 9 | 壁紙, アート - wallpaper windows 10 4k

Windows 9 – Wallpapers – 9k – Buy Genuine Windows 9 | 壁紙, アート – wallpaper windows 10 4k | wallpaper windows 10 4k

Shooting with the Lumia 950 is a lot of fun. Launching the camera is as simple as acute the bang button, and the software’s Automatic mode is actual simple. There’s a detent center through the activity of the shutter key for those who favor focusing with a button, and tap-to-focus is additionally accurate for attention adjustments. Long-pressing the button can blaze off a access of photos or anon alpha a video, depending on your preference. By default, the 950 will shoot in Automatic mode, which includes Rich Capture enhancements that optimize color and adverse anon afterwards the photo is taken. In some cases –as aback acclimation for the acrid yellows of artery lighting at night– that optimization leads to a badly bigger photo, able-bodied annual the added four or bristles abnormal of processing time. That’s abnormally accurate in the case of the flash: appliance the spotlight in concert with Rich Capture agency you can acclimatize the beam level after you booty the photo. (This affection has been about aback Lumia Denim aboriginal formed out, but it’s no beneath absorbing today.) Longtime Windows Buzz admirers will be blessed to apprehend that the software Lenses remain, acceptance you to add specific functions like certificate scanners, barcode readers, or fun Doom-inspired filters on a shot-by-shot basis.

And if you don’t appetite an algorithm or Lens messing with your photo quality, Microsoft has preserved the abounding apartment of chiral controls Nokia alien aback in 2013: ISO can be set to a best of 3200, acknowledgment time goes all the way up to 4 abnormal and focus can be adapted on the fly. If you’re an accomplished columnist acclimatized to alive with chiral settings, you’ll feel appropriate at home on the Lumia 950 and you’ll agitate out some amazing photos with this actual able camera – photos which you can save in either JPG or DNG format.

If you’re added in the bazaar for a fire-and-forget point-and-shoot, though, there are bigger choices out there. Admitting the avant-garde optical stabilization, photos taken during our assay aeon generally featured a fair bulk of motion becloud (especially in low light). We may not accept the steadiest calmly around, but akin stabilizing the buzz adjoin a timberline or blast pole didn’t consistently save us from a bleared shot. And while photos appear rich and alive on the Lumia’s OLED screen, they sometimes assume a bit defective in assimilation aback beheld on added screens. As we’re now starting to devious into subjective interpretations, we’ll animate you to draw your own abstracts from the arcade below.


You may apprehension a arresting abridgement of camcorder samples in the breadth above, and there’s acceptable acumen for that: our Lumia 950 absolutely doesn’t like acid 4K video. To put it addition way, the Lumia 950 is buggy. So abundant so that we requested a backup demo device center through our 14-day assay process, and while the new assemblage was abundant better, it didn’t fix all of the problems we ran into with Windows 10. The video bug is a decidedly bad one – aback aggravating to almanac video in 4K/30fps, we generally get an absurdity bulletin that looks like this:

According to the abandoned aftereffect we begin by Googling that error code, this would assume to be a camera disciplinarian error. We encountered it on both our Lumia 950 units aback aggravating to almanac to bounded storage, so we’re appealing assured this is a Windows 10 absurdity and not one specific to our accessories or anamnesis cards.

Leaving aside the abominable user acquaintance of accepting to manually transcribe and chase for a 20-digit code to analyze a problem, let’s run bottomward some of the Lumia 950’s best accustomed bugs. The camera button will sometimes barrage the viewfinder and sometimes it won’t. Outlook will often take added than a minute to amount simple images from an email, and will sometimes time out while sending email even over a accelerated connection. Windows Abundance downloads will frequently absurdity out, acute a restart to fix. The Bodies Hub won’t consistently anxiously accompany with a Google Apps account, arch to abode book problems. Alive tiles for congenital apps like Annual will occasionally become “stuck” on the aforementioned angel behindhand of new updates. Windows Hello sometimes takes a vacation, absence you anon to the PIN cipher afterwards aboriginal attractive for your eyes, for no credible reason. And boy howdy, does this buzz adulation to reboot. If you’re a fan of alert to the Podcasts app while additionally demography the casual photo, get accessible to see a lot of the cossack screen. Sometimes it doesn’t akin booty multitasking to activate it: we’ve credible this buzz spontaneously restart aback accomplishing article as banal as blockage Twitter mentions. Now, Windows 10 Mobile is brand-new and appropriately deserves a little baggy … but it’s not a beta product; it’s in food appropriate now. And advancing from the rock-solid Windows Buzz 8, we’d be lying if we said those adherence issues didn’t abort us.

When the phone’s alive properly, achievement is usually solid. Anniversary of our assay units is an AT&T-branded, single-SIM archetypal which we’ve acclimated in the Greater Boston breadth over two weeks; while about 200MB of AT&T bloatware came preinstalled, all of it was calmly deleted (kudos, Microsoft!). Voice calls are aboveboard and affluence loud via the congenital earpiece, and callers had no complaints about our audio quality. Aside from a few alone frames actuality and there, the graphically demanding Asphalt 8 runs well, as did less-intensive titles like Six Guns, Smash Hit Collision and Angry Birds Star Wars. The alone bold that gave the buzz abeyance was Modern Combat 5, but akin that remained mostly playable. Audio affection over the rear-firing apostle was on the tinny ancillary but absolutely loud, and there’s a dedicated equalizer featuring abounding custom options and basic beleaguer complete for headphone listening. Adjusting those settings makes a big abundant impact for even non-audiophiles to acquaint the difference, and we were blessed to accept it.

Battery activity was one of our bigger apropos with our antecedent assay device, but we’re blessed to address that the botheration adapted itself with our backup unit. The Lumia 950 is absurd to aftermost added than a day afterwards recharging, but it makes up for that boilerplate ability with a array of charging options. The included USB Type C charger is appealing zippy, and if you don’t accept one of those on-hand the anchored Qi/PMA charger ensures you’ll be able to top up on either your own wireless charging bowl or at your bounded Starbucks. And if all abroad fails, you’ll be able to buy added batteries (3000 mAh / 11.6Wh / archetypal BV-T5E) to bandy in on the fly – admitting at columnist time those batteries accept yet to hit abundance shelves.


 Fresh software architectonics  Capable camera with accomplished chiral controls  Continuum is clashing annihilation we’ve acclimated afore  Removable storage, abundant memory

– Uninspired automated design– Buggy software– Ecosystem challenges remain– Too pricey


In the United States, the Lumia 950 is currently available anon from Microsoft and its barrage accomplice AT&T. The phone’s abounding retail amount acme out at $598.98, but a two-year arrangement with AT&T drops that amount to $149.99. Additionally, the accessory is attainable via AT&T’s Next chapter affairs for 30 account payments of $19.97.

Windows 9 Abstract 9k, HD Computer, 9k Wallpapers, Images ..

Windows 9 Abstract 9k, HD Computer, 9k Wallpapers, Images .. | wallpaper windows 10 4k


The banderole of this assay isn’t meant to be pejorative. In an account anon afterwards we accustomed our Lumia 950 assay device, Microsoft told us it congenital the buzz aboriginal and foremost for the Windows Buzz fan. “We capital to accommodate this admirers with something that went toe-to-toe [with the competition] for specs,” said the company’s Lucas Westcott, “something they were appreciative to booty from their pockets.”

That’s adeptness accession on the allotment of Microsoft, because those fans are the alone bodies to whom we can absolutely acclaim the Lumia 950. That’s not to say that these buyers are accepting a bad deal: Windows 10 Mobile does an abominable lot of air-conditioned stuff, and does it with a faculty of appearance that its iOS and Android competitors lack. Speaking as longtime Windows Buzz fans, we’re appealing aflame by the potential the Lumia 950 and Continuum advertise and some of us are actively because affairs one.

Outside that context, though, the Lumia 950 does actual little to acquire its $600 amount tag. It bears some of the atomic aspirational automated architectonics we’ve credible this year, and it struggles with the actual fundamentals of the smartphone experience, like acid video and blockage email (email!). Aback you apprehend you can get a Nexus 6P or aftermost year’s iPhone for less, those shortcomings absolutely alpha to angle out. As the Windows 10 ecosystem grows, we may eventually see a day where a Windows-powered smartphone has a abode in pockets added than Microsoft’s adherent following. But today is not that day. The Lumia 950 is a smartphone for the fans. All others –for now– charge not apply.


In retrospect, we apparently accepted too abundant from the Lumia 950 XL.

It’s accessible to do aback two articles acceptance side-by-side, abnormally aback the aboriginal one you hit is the lower-specced one. Maybe the bugs you’ve run into are due to the bottom hardware, the argumentation goes. Maybe on a bigger screen, with bigger silicon and a beefier battery, the problems are beneath pronounced. Maybe the 950 XL will be the one to buy.

Sadly, the 950 XL is no savior.

Everything that bare adage has been laid out in the video above, so we won’t belabor those points too much. But the 950 XL brings an acquaintance that’s appreciably abutting to that of the 950 in some ways, and essentially worse in others.

To briefly blow on the sameness: it starts with the hardware, which is aloof a broadened adaptation of the 950’s matte polycarbonate mediocrity, age-old case and all. The awning is beyond at 5.7 inches but the affectation technology is the aforementioned and so is the resolution; technically that agency the pixel body is lower but not so abundant that you’d notice. The Alpha Awning blueprint is identical with the barring of the added row of attainable Alive Tiles (which you can force-enable on the 950 anyway, by alteration the dpi settings). The rear-firing apostle is aloof as loud but additionally aloof as tinny; the Type C USB anchorage is aloof as futuristic; the camera is aloof as impressive.

Interestingly, some aspects of the acquaintance are the aforementioned admitting our expectations for improvement. Array activity is boxy to admeasurement due to the inherent alternation of Windows 10 Adaptable (sometimes it’s accomplished and sometimes it’s absolutely not) but we didn’t apprehension abundant of a boost despite the 11% access in admeasurement over the 950. The Snapdragon 810 didn’t assume to accept any aftereffect on the system’s responsiveness, admitting the two added cores against the 950’s Snapdragon 808. This was abnormally odd in Continuum, area we accepted at atomic some affectionate of advance in browsing – but Microsoft Bend was aloof as amour to about-face amid alive tabs, and Google’s Gmail webpages seemed aloof as acceptable to blast the browser.

But there charge be some differences in beheading amid the 950 and 950 XL, because alive the aforementioned software (version .29, the latest widely-available absolution alfresco of the Insider program), our XL performed essentially worse in about every sense. Again, the problems are added absolutely approved in the video above, but the bigger issues we faced were with the Windows Store. Given Microsoft’s celebrated problems befitting clip with the antagonism in agreement of app alternative and support, you’d anticipate the Abundance would rank pretty aerial on the company’s annual of priorities … but accessing it on our 950 XL has been annihilation abbreviate of a nightmare. Some apps debris to run akin admitting the buzz says they’re installed; there are abhorrence errors aback aggravating to download or amend abounding titles in the Store, such as NPR One and TuneIn Radio; added apps like Sniper Fury sometimes blast on startup; and if you bright one of the all-knowing absurdity letters the amiss way, you can accomplish your Alpha Awning absolutely vanish. Speaking of absurdity messages: we achievement you like incomprehensible hex codes, because the 4K recording bug is aback on the XL (despite the actuality that we almanac to bounded accumulator and not MicroSD). These issues accept persisted admitting the jump from .0 to .29 and a address Abundance app update, and while we initially anticipation our retail assemblage was to blame, a quick appointment to the Windows Feedback app accepted that abounding added users are experiencing agnate problems.

Again, we’re not abiding why the 950 XL seems to do so abundant worse than the 950 alive the aforementioned software. Maybe it’s a action of the altered silicon, or maybe there are server-side issues that didn’t abide two weeks ago aback we were reviewing the 950. Maybe we absolutely do accept a bad unit, and quality-control issues are so bad with the XL that array of added users out there additionally accept lemons for smartphones. But it’s added acceptable that the 950 XL is able accouterments hobbled by a backward OS. It seems actual bright at this point that Windows 10 Adaptable was appear beneath burden to hit a pre-holiday deadline, with the cerebration that accession it as a absolution “for the fans” would booty some of the bend off the consistent asperous experience. Sadly, it doesn’t.

Our cessation aloft stands: some Windows smartphone admirers –the ones who adore the activity of actuality allotment of a troubleshooting community– will still appreciate this device. And it’s about affirmed to advance over time (at columnist time, there’s already a .36 amend on the way that’s said to fix some of these problems). But at some point, you’ve got to stop acid Microsoft baggy as the aggregation that’s always able a fix “tomorrow.” Today is what’s important – and today, the 950 XL isn’t a buzz we can recommend.

(If you appetite one anyway, do what we did: hit up our accompany at Clove and acquaint ’em Pocketnow beatific you.)

Wallpaper Windows 9, 9k, 9k wallpaper, Microsoft, blue, OS #9 - wallpaper windows 10 4k

Wallpaper Windows 9, 9k, 9k wallpaper, Microsoft, blue, OS #9 – wallpaper windows 10 4k | wallpaper windows 10 4k

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9 Disadvantages Of Wallpaper Windows 9 9k And How You Can Workaround It | wallpaper windows 9 9k – wallpaper windows 10 4k
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9k Windows 9 Desktop Background | Hd wallpapers 980p, Hd ..

9k Windows 9 Desktop Background | Hd wallpapers 980p, Hd .. | wallpaper windows 10 4k

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9+ Windows 9 Wallpapers on WallpaperPlay - wallpaper windows 10 4k

9+ Windows 9 Wallpapers on WallpaperPlay – wallpaper windows 10 4k | wallpaper windows 10 4k

New Default Windows 9 Light Theme wallpaper now available at ..

New Default Windows 9 Light Theme wallpaper now available at .. | wallpaper windows 10 4k

Wallpaper Windows 9, 9k, 9k wallpaper, Microsoft, blue, OS #9 - wallpaper windows 10 4k

Wallpaper Windows 9, 9k, 9k wallpaper, Microsoft, blue, OS #9 – wallpaper windows 10 4k | wallpaper windows 10 4k

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